End of January Fishing Report 01/31/2018

We are coming to the end of January and the winter fishing is in full swing. We have got some serious cold weather for our area the last couple weeks and it dropped the water temperature by at least 10 degrees turning the fish into winter mode. Inshore we have been filling the cooler with some great eating fish.

The Sheepshead bite has turned on catching good numbers of big quality fish each trip. While fishing for the Sheepshead we have also been catching good numbers of Black Drum and Redfish. In the last 2 weeks we have seen a good number of big Trout showing up. Trout in the 20inch plus range are very common this time of year. On a recent trip we lost one boat side that was pushing 30 inches if not. We try and let the larger ones (over 22 inches) go as they are the bigger females that give us our future Trout.

Nearshore the bite has been on fire when we can get out there with how bad the wind has been. Bottom fishing we are filling the cooler with Hogfish, Snapper, Porgys, Grunts, and many more. Plenty of Grouper being caught as well but since the gags are out of season we let them go. We did end up landing a big Black Grouper on a recent trip which was a awesome surprise. When we get warm weather for a solid couple days look for Triple Tail on crab traps and floating debris. This is a great time of year to target them and are one of the most delicious fish that swim. The fishing we are having right now will continue all the way to the end of February before spring time kicks in so dont miss out on the hot winter bite and lets go fishing!!!!